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By the way, if you like good giveaways, you should really have a swatch of this yin from the bold Shielagh Tacey. A belter.

*Photograph courtesy of Shielagh Tacey

le chapeau (giveaway WINNER)

So, I done gone stole a beret off a frenchie and pulled a name out it.  I didn't really have time to do another video of me acting like a fanny because of 'the season' so I did a crap doodle instead. I SPOIL YOU.

To get on with it and finally put you (and me) out our misery, the winner is....


Wooo, congrats, you can now offend people on the bus daily with ease.

Anyway, as always, apologies for my crapness of late.  Incase you weren't in the know (which would be lucky for you as I moan about it constantly) I work the winter ski season in my mountain in a restaurant on a ski slope.  And as this winter has been gloriously sunny practically every mother hubbarding day since January this particular season has been absolute bedlam, or as the french would say LA BORDEL.

Well the busiest time has just about passed - so as long as no more of my work mates crack up and run for the hills - we should be starting to get days off again giving me more time to eat cheese and draw bitches.  Yas.

Finally, to tide you over, should you wish to imagine me behind the bar in france land my style of customer service goes a little something exactly like this (with more beers and hot chocolates and less burgers).  Take it away Bernard Black.