wore what I today

A wee spot of friday afternoon procrastination in the nation.  Its the Glasgow School of Art degree show tonight and I am distraught to be stuck up a mountain and not dancing about in the drizzle with cheap-red-wine lips.  For all those who are going, give the walls of the Foulis a wee lick for me, and say hello to my flat mates blood stain on the stairs of the Vic.  

For those of you who can't go neither, we shall have to content ourselves with a bottle of vinegary wine and this.

Hurrah for degree shows!


cara said...

this is great! i'm wearing that face right now, ugh.

Laura Mills said...

I want this entire outfit! I love your drawings.

carolyn alexander said...

@cara Cheers! I wear that face far too often. Pish.

carolyn alexander said...

@Laura Mills merci!