another wee GIVEAWAY init

In amongst getting more than a little over excited about the tattoo good times back there I've also just noticed that there are bang on 100 beautiful mentalists liking my smelly wee facebook thingymabob.  To say thanks I've decided to get my arse in gear and actually throw the giveaway I've been promising for a good month, because I do appreciate people putting up with my shite patter, really I do.

So, to win a rude tote bag and a handful of other bits and pieces such as bagdes, mirrors, postcards and banana skins, pop a wee comment here or on my facebook majumbo before the end of Feburary. Emails and prank phone calls are accepted also, as are head and bum pats.  Yas.  Good luck!

Just got sent a photo of my angry polar bear freshly tatoo'd (how the ffrick do you actually spell that? tatooed?) on a real persons body. 

Excitement level FACTOR TEN!  My socks have just been knocked right off.  Happy days.