I'm not dead!

Although it was touch and go for a while, in a "not really that touch and go but i like to pretend it was" kinda way. Working an Alpine winter season is slap you in the face with a Collins French/English dictionary hard, and so by the end of the Parisian holidays I've been walking into walls with exhaustion daily. That said, exhaustion is a much cheaper high than alcohol. High five exhaustion. Plus, I've just had my first day and a half off in a month so I'm a new man!

Many more updates coming soon as I slowly but surely get my head together with the help of some cheese and chocolate yoghurts. But for now I'll leave you with new drawings commissioned for the AMAZING new boutique La Fille de Margaret's opening in Toulouse. Based on the charming and as per usual, fucking nutty, french phrase "Gueule de Bois" AKA, "wood face" AKA, hangover.

gueule de bois

And my old favourite, Les doigts dans le nez. Init.