back in ze alps

back in the alps

So thats me back in the Alps, SANS driver license (or any dignity whatsoever). In part my fault for failing with some classics such as "oh shit is that a real road?" and "do you actually want me to finish this corner or not?". In part the fault of Scotland and its untimely snow explosion which canceled my last chance saloon style test before coming back for winter. The tart.

In those three short months I've also managed to lose what little french I had accumulated in the past year. Which makes working in a french restaurant that little bit more interesting, in a cry yourself to sleep kind of way. Luckily all my new french fancy colegues are endeavoring to teach me a new word or phrase each day. So far this has mostly included the bad words which like a cheeky little brat, I LOVE. So much so that I'm now officially the most foul mouthed barmaid in La Plagne. My favourites so far are salope, which is a bit like slut, as in, "you ate the last of the cheese you slut". And bordel, which literally means a brothel but is used more in the way we would use a mess, as in "this place is a fucking BROTHEL, you slut".

Anyways, new swear words plus cheese and nutella waffles make me a happy salope, drivers license or no. So happy in fact I couldn't resist a wee what I wore to start off the year. Good times.