snows baws UPDATE

Thanks to the sky exploding over Edinburgh  for the last week or so my flight got cancelled yesterday and I'm still in the land of France.  

Bad news... (and a little good news*)
If all goes to plan I'll be in Glasgow by Saturday night but this means I'll have to miss the first day of my table at Merchant City Market.  Boo snow.  Fret not though, luckily for me (and possibly more so for you) Paw Alexander has stepped up to the challenge and will be taking over for me on Saturday.  There will be no Haughty Bitches or Christmas cards until I arrive on Sunday unfortunately, but there will be Tea Towels, Tote Bags, Pocket Mirrors and hunners of other bits of crap.  And best of all you will get to bask in the glow of Paw Alexander's top notch banter* in person, for free!  Fucking glorious!  In fact your probably better off with out my ugly mug, really.  Good for you.

Good news... (in general)
To try and claw back the Glasgow funtimes I'm missing right now I've extended my trip and will be flogging my wares at the market the next weekend too.  Hurrah!  

A bientot, bitches!

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