Craft Market Calandar (and update schmupdate)

Hello hello, a quick wee update on my Glasgow fiasco adventures.  I managed to land my self in Edinburgh last weekend before the sky re-exploded and re-shut the airport.  Jammy bugger factor level ten I would say.  Since then Glasgow has decided to turn its self into Sibera, but thats cool, I'm not bitter.  Well, bitter cold perhaps.  (Sorry, that was embarrassing)  Its not all bad though.  I got stranded in town for a few days but as Paw Alexander happens to live there I got a warm bed as opposed to a cold bin out the back of Marks and Spencer.  Plus, once I'd invested in a pair of wellies, everything became a little more fun.  Shopping in wellies; coffee in wellies; cocktails in wellies; ye cannae go wrong.

Anyways, down to business.  A huge thank you to the organisers or the Merchant City Market and all who came to see me on Sunday.  I had so much fun I'm doing it again this weekend.  And if all goes well I'll have a table at the Firebird Christmas market on Monday night too.  Come on down and get a forehead kiss for reals, init!

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