and the winner is....

Please excuse the rather woeful video here.  I thought I'd follow in the far superior Mr David Galletly's footsteps and create a video for the big reveal seeing as his got me so excited.  It was too late before I realised that 1) I have no video camera and 2) I'm shite at making videos.

So I popped one out, and a terribly shameful one at that, using photobooth on my mac, a camera that has quality I fondly refer to as pish.  And I didn't even bother to wash my hair!  Fabulous!

In any case I should be leaving for the airport in an hour so I don't have time to fix it.  DRUMROLL.

and the winner is... from Carolyn Alexander on Vimeo.

Congrats Scott!  I'm going to aim to do a giveaway once a month throughout the ski season so don't worry if you didn't win init.

Right I'm off for a shower.

Peace out.

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