Have yourself a very Haughty Christmas

My Haughty Christmas Cards are finally here! In my newly opened online shop no less! Which is, admitedly a bit bare right now, but fret not, it should be full of crap within the next week. Also, just got word from Scotland that my totebags have arrived looking hot and bitchy, just need to deliver my good self to scotland to reunite with them and then we're in business.

All prices are in euros because, annoyingly*, thats what France has forced me to adopt as a currency.  But don't worry, paypal is ace and will convert the prices in to pounds or dollars or whatever notes you cool cats are using.


If your coming to my stall in Merchant City next week and want to reserve these cards before they sell out... I'm setting up a special weegie pre-order service.  Pop me an email with your desired quantities and I'll set up a paypal invoice especially for you.  Then all you need to do is come collect them at my stall and pick up a wee freebie while your at it.  It's nice to be a Glaswegian sometimes!

And one day I hope to be able to spell Glaswegian without having to resort to fucking google.


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