As promised, to celebrate my new facebook hingymajig, I've a little GIVEAWAY for all you beautiful little shits who are kind enough to spend some of your busy day looking at my crap drawings.  I honestly appreciated more than my cold scottish heart can stand.

Anyways, heres the original drawing for one of my new tea towel designs (coming soon, one hopes) up for grabs.  T'is drawn by my fair hand on some good thick 224 gsm canson, and is a little bit bigger than A4 which should frame up nicely.  Sadly the dusty scared bear is going no where, he's such whore he just wanted to be in the photo.


You have till the 1st of December to win it by doing one of the following...

1) Pop on a wee comment or 'like' my new fessebook thing over here.
2) Send me a wee email at carolynalexander [at] gmail [dot] com (for those of you against facebook).
3) Come find me in the alps and give me a delicate kiss on the cheek (for those of you who are against technology altogether and who rather like kissing).

Bon courage!

p.s. apologies for the shitty mega dark photos, the natural light coming through the window is a flippin joke thanks to a rather ominous fog surrounding ze mountain.

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