and the weather today will be shite all over


Looks like my promise of more autumnal polaroids shant be happening any time soon thanks to winter unexpectedly descending upon us last night. Fucks sake France.


mer de nuages

mer de nuages

I seem to be screeching to a halt to jump out the car and take photos more and more often. As much as I bitch and moan about being stuck up mountains since we moved up top, sometimes they're just freaking nice to look at. After a day stuck down the valley shopping underneath a churny grey sky, I drove back up the mountain and through a massive cloud to find a blue sky and what the french call mer de nuages. (Thats a 'sea of cloud' as opposed to 'shit cloud', init)

Mountain top living: 1
Down the valley living: nil.
Bad luck, valley.



eye of the fish


I thought I'd already put these up, I'm obviously trippin' on all this cheese. A selection of summer through the eye of the fish.

a street in Italy

a hoose is Italy

a maw en ecosse

a sister on the stairs

a fucking happy birthday

a good lad shirley

a chat of sorts

a bend in the road

a lift of ski's

a walk out the back




Thanks to getting shipped off to scotland for driving lessons last year I completely missed Autumn in the alps from start to finish. And hence forgot how fucking achingly beautiful it is here. Neon trees dotted about with a red planet vibe starting to appear up the top. Just lovely. More to come as this is just the beginning (of autumn like, thats not meant to sound quite so onimous) and I have half a film of polaroids to use up.

Happy friday, yeah.

alpine autumn_II

alpine autumn


what i wore in glasgow

To try and make up for being such a no show recently I've put together a big bumper pack of What I Wore's from my ten days in Glasgow. I'm a big narcissistic fucker oh yes! I'll put the second half up some time next week when I've polished them off abit.

In other (slightly, but not much) more exciting news, I've been working away on my new greeting card range (including christmas cards jings crivens) so as soon as they're back from the printers I'll give you a swatch. Expect insults a plenty.

Anyways, in the meantime heres some pictures along with some words about my crap life since it's been a while.

WIWT 010910>

Started off well with a jolly sprint round the airport after the only tunnel out my Alp got blocked. Luckily Raph's sister knew of a secret route out and likes to put her foot down, meaning I got to the check in desk -after trying the wrong terminal first, naturally - panting and drenched in sweat with three minutes to spare.

The evening picked up nicely though. My plane landed with out crashing - always a plus - and my sister took me out to Nice N Sleazys for some Red Stripe and Black Russians. I came 2nd place in a "who can kick this wall the highest" contest outside with the bouncers and finished the night with a humous sandwich while Lauren vommed out the back close.


Wandered about town in the glorious sunshine in abit of a stupor. A happy stupor. Bought a lot of nice crap I don't really need and then met my wee pal Jem in the westend for a pint in a beer garden. We got talking to two crazies who stole our fancy GRASSROOTS olives to offer them up to the minor glasgow celebrities supping guinness' in corner. Then they dived head first into the gravel and got chucked out. They were quite nice chaps.


Went shopping with Lauren. The sales lady who just sold me an expensive bracelet the day before walked past as I was sitting on the ground outside Buchanan Galleries drinking a smoothie and gave me a look full of pity and disappointment. I'm assuming she would prefer I take the bracelet off before I associate it and her brand with such an unlady action as sitting on the ground in public. Lesson learned.

Ate some fajitas and went out with my cousin, my sister and her boyfriend and told all our worst poo stories. And laughed like twats. I don't think the bracelet lady would have been pleased.


Anna my old flat mate from art school came up from Shieffield with her good man Shirley for the weekend. Talked lots, ate lots and drank lots (well, some). Was well good.



One of rare times in art school you could just chill out and draw without worrying about the outcome was life drawing. I've taken to drawing naked chicks in french Vogue to try and take me back but its not really the same.

Life drawing, I miss you. You were fucking lovely!

ps. any arty alp dwellers wanting to start a class call me, yeah? No? Ok.


I'm a shit

bourg saint maurice

I've been a bit all over the place of late. Channel hopping between mountains and citys and beaches and lands of no internet but thats me back - although every second post on this blog seems to be announcing my backness. Back to the mountains and hopefully back to regular posting about my humiliating life. Good things are coming. I think.