what I wore yesterday


I love Monica, I really do. Shes fucking awesome.


Michelle Elaine said...

loving the orchids - i'd also love to see more of your illustration work. i commend you for being able to draw yourself - i cant do it.


carolyn alexander said...

Its because I'm a narcissistic son of a bitch! Nah, not really... after all the self portraiture I had to do at school I find my own face one of the easiest to draw. How sad is that.

[michelle♥lynn] said...

I love that you aknowledged that visible bra straps are not appealing (or as you put it - the're slutty) HaHa. Thanks for the giggle.

[michelle♥lynn] said...
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[michelle♥lynn] said...

Oh...and I noticed that 'michelles' like to comment on this picture. (I apologize for the useless observations, I'm really bored at work)