shat it


Now that I'm a fully fledged driver of cars I get sent out in them regularly to do errands. Mostly in an old as time itself peugeot since I got my Mini rights revoked in the slow wall incident. I'm starting to love this old bastard though. Even though the gear box likes to pop into neutral on roundabouts and it smells a bit like bins after someone left one in it over the weekend we're getting on pretty well. It doesn't run its self slowly into walls anyways so thats always a plus.

Although I'm largely loving driving myself about changing gears willy nilly and singing my fucking heart out, today and yesterday I've been faced with the perils of cloud driving. Driving through clouds is just a part of life when you live up an alp but I never realised how fucking nerve racking it is until I had to do it on my own. Thick fog + sheer mountain drops + recently qualified drivers are just not a jolly mix. Throw in a thunderstorm, spontaneously steamed up windows and a bird shitting on me (well, the poor peugeot) all while while I try and over take a double length arsing cow lorry in the death lane and you end up with me having a break down.

Think I'll have a wee cuppa before I attempt to go back down. And a cry.


Michelle Elaine said...

Lovely illustration despite the sad face! I'd love to see more of your work. I hope you feel better dvrling ;)


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