bonjourno monsieur-o

heart out

We went to Italy on sunday to partake in some pizza and tiramisu. It was bloody lovely. And it would seem that Italians are just bloody lovely in general too. I was really quite overly excited to find that I could understand the Italians with ease even though I've never attempted to speak it in my life. It was then that Raph pointed out they were all speaking in French. The clever devils! As soon as I've mastered French I'm going to learn Italian to return the favour. And eat more tiramisu.

I also bought a flower and named her Monica.


Raph still isn't convinced shes real but I will effortlessly prove this by killing her through negligence within the month. A shame really as I do actually love her. Poor Monica. RIP. (In advance)


L!MEgreen said...

dont kill Monica! D:> She's a beautiful orchid! (and probably really expensive X)

Orchid Care Instructions VVV


carolyn alexander said...

Thank you! Lets try and keep Monica in the world of the living, yeah!