cheers, init

Another round of thanks to all who came down to see me last weekend at Merchant City, good times all round. Thanks especially to my old flatmate and top notch artist Shielagh Tacey who had a stall next to me and kept me good and amused, even when the hangover horrors struck. You should really go have a look at her amazing wares, it will make yer day better. Promise.

Also, this week is your last chance to have a shifty round Welcome Home's pop up shop in the CCA. As well as bits and pieces from myself its got tons of other intimidatingly good artists work in there - ol' Shielagh T included - so get yourself down there while you still can for some last minute Christmas shopping, init. Or just do what I did and buy stuff for yourself.  Clever.

Photos courtesy of I Think Its Nice and Welcome Home, respectively.


Craft Market Calandar (and update schmupdate)

Hello hello, a quick wee update on my Glasgow fiasco adventures.  I managed to land my self in Edinburgh last weekend before the sky re-exploded and re-shut the airport.  Jammy bugger factor level ten I would say.  Since then Glasgow has decided to turn its self into Sibera, but thats cool, I'm not bitter.  Well, bitter cold perhaps.  (Sorry, that was embarrassing)  Its not all bad though.  I got stranded in town for a few days but as Paw Alexander happens to live there I got a warm bed as opposed to a cold bin out the back of Marks and Spencer.  Plus, once I'd invested in a pair of wellies, everything became a little more fun.  Shopping in wellies; coffee in wellies; cocktails in wellies; ye cannae go wrong.

Anyways, down to business.  A huge thank you to the organisers or the Merchant City Market and all who came to see me on Sunday.  I had so much fun I'm doing it again this weekend.  And if all goes well I'll have a table at the Firebird Christmas market on Monday night too.  Come on down and get a forehead kiss for reals, init!

family portraits

Thats my new Family Portrait tea towels printed and ready to start drying yer dishes, yas!  Screen printed by the amazing Steve of Stop the Press! in Glasgow they are something to behold. Even the seemingly endless snow/ice/general baws weather couldn't stop me squealing with heavy duty joy when they arrived.  You can now get them online in my shop or in the real live world at my stall in Merchant City Market this weekend. (And shortly in Welcome Home, Red Door Gallery, and La Fille de Margaret too, hurrah!)

To celebrate getting these beauties up on my shop I'll be throwing another GIVEAWAY to win a pair once I'm back in France next week.  But in the meantime you shall need to content yourself with a wee 10% off them (and everything else, see I'm pure nice init) over the weekend.  Just mark SNOWSBAWS at the checkout.  Your welcome.


and the winner is....

Please excuse the rather woeful video here.  I thought I'd follow in the far superior Mr David Galletly's footsteps and create a video for the big reveal seeing as his got me so excited.  It was too late before I realised that 1) I have no video camera and 2) I'm shite at making videos.

So I popped one out, and a terribly shameful one at that, using photobooth on my mac, a camera that has quality I fondly refer to as pish.  And I didn't even bother to wash my hair!  Fabulous!

In any case I should be leaving for the airport in an hour so I don't have time to fix it.  DRUMROLL.

and the winner is... from Carolyn Alexander on Vimeo.

Congrats Scott!  I'm going to aim to do a giveaway once a month throughout the ski season so don't worry if you didn't win init.

Right I'm off for a shower.

Peace out.


ps. this will be good

Welcome Home is hosting a pop shop at the CCA this week rammed full of lots of beautiful artist's* wares.  The opening is tonight from 7pm.  I shan't be there (eff you neige) for reasons I've already moaned about at length but my work shall be.  Go and have a drink for me, eh?  Cheers.

*Only beautiful artists allowed, apart from me obviously

snows baws UPDATE

Thanks to the sky exploding over Edinburgh  for the last week or so my flight got cancelled yesterday and I'm still in the land of France.  

Bad news... (and a little good news*)
If all goes to plan I'll be in Glasgow by Saturday night but this means I'll have to miss the first day of my table at Merchant City Market.  Boo snow.  Fret not though, luckily for me (and possibly more so for you) Paw Alexander has stepped up to the challenge and will be taking over for me on Saturday.  There will be no Haughty Bitches or Christmas cards until I arrive on Sunday unfortunately, but there will be Tea Towels, Tote Bags, Pocket Mirrors and hunners of other bits of crap.  And best of all you will get to bask in the glow of Paw Alexander's top notch banter* in person, for free!  Fucking glorious!  In fact your probably better off with out my ugly mug, really.  Good for you.

Good news... (in general)
To try and claw back the Glasgow funtimes I'm missing right now I've extended my trip and will be flogging my wares at the market the next weekend too.  Hurrah!  

A bientot, bitches!


Advent(ures) in time and space

This is for all fans of Dr Who, and just all fans of effing good illustration. My wee pal (the amazing) Coll Hamilton - artist, illustrator and Dr Who authority - is hosting an Advent countdown to the new episode on Christmas day. You can follow it here or here, and with each days drawing being made with pure and adoring love I can guarantee its going to be fucking smashing.

 Happy 1st of December, init!

the last of the HAUGHTY BITCHES

I've decided to stop being a sentimental hoarder and finally sell the original drawings for my Book of Haughty Bitches. They'll be available framed for £50 each at my Merchant City stall but if you've a bitch in particular who is close to your heart pop me a wee email to reserve or buy online.

Please note this is the bitches only, their bitchy comments shall be left up to your imagination. Which is probably even worse. You filthy ragamuffins.


the bold wayne white

Seeing as this was just on It's Nice That, oh, about 30 seconds ago, theres a good chance you've already seen it. BUT, just incase you haven't had the pleasure (thats pleasure factor - level 10 by the way), I felt I had to introduce you to the rather wonderful Mr Wayne White.  I've pretty much instantly fallen in love with this dude. Bad words beautifully painted onto cheap lithographic landscape prints. What more could you want?*

He has a new book out too, Maybe Now I'll Get The Respect I So Richly Deserve, over on Ammobooks.


Or, if you don't fancy it, BUY ME IT.  Merci, please.

*cakes, granted, but lets move along shall we please.


Have yourself a very Haughty Christmas

My Haughty Christmas Cards are finally here! In my newly opened online shop no less! Which is, admitedly a bit bare right now, but fret not, it should be full of crap within the next week. Also, just got word from Scotland that my totebags have arrived looking hot and bitchy, just need to deliver my good self to scotland to reunite with them and then we're in business.

All prices are in euros because, annoyingly*, thats what France has forced me to adopt as a currency.  But don't worry, paypal is ace and will convert the prices in to pounds or dollars or whatever notes you cool cats are using.


If your coming to my stall in Merchant City next week and want to reserve these cards before they sell out... I'm setting up a special weegie pre-order service.  Pop me an email with your desired quantities and I'll set up a paypal invoice especially for you.  Then all you need to do is come collect them at my stall and pick up a wee freebie while your at it.  It's nice to be a Glaswegian sometimes!

And one day I hope to be able to spell Glaswegian without having to resort to fucking google.



afternoon good times

I don't know how it came to be that I've never seen any of David Shigley's films before but thankfully I've been able to remedy that with the discovery of his Youtube channel. If you've never seen them either you really should. And if you have, fuck it, go relive the joy.


hello, Zooey

The lovely Clotilde and Romain asked me to provide the illustrations for their "faire part de naissance", a french tradition in which a little token is sent out to friends and family announcing the arrival of a wee baby. It usually takes the form of a photo or card but they choose to make a flipbook instead, like the rad cats they are.  Say hello to Zooey...

Direction by Romain Gilbert
Illustration by Carolyn Alexander

Hello Zooey from gromain on Vimeo.

update shmupdate


I've been getting a wee bit carried away with my new facebook fanpage and neglecting this little baby terribly. So heres what you missed, cause I love you just as much.

Its a big fucking slut!
new website

In about two weeks I think, they should be getting their moody faces printed as we speak (er type? Read?).

These bad boys should be ready next week, I shall get them in my (not yet opened but wait for it, its coming, I swear to god) online shop.

Wooo more products coming soon too, exciting times.




As promised, to celebrate my new facebook hingymajig, I've a little GIVEAWAY for all you beautiful little shits who are kind enough to spend some of your busy day looking at my crap drawings.  I honestly appreciated more than my cold scottish heart can stand.

Anyways, heres the original drawing for one of my new tea towel designs (coming soon, one hopes) up for grabs.  T'is drawn by my fair hand on some good thick 224 gsm canson, and is a little bit bigger than A4 which should frame up nicely.  Sadly the dusty scared bear is going no where, he's such whore he just wanted to be in the photo.


You have till the 1st of December to win it by doing one of the following...

1) Pop on a wee comment or 'like' my new fessebook thing over here.
2) Send me a wee email at carolynalexander [at] gmail [dot] com (for those of you against facebook).
3) Come find me in the alps and give me a delicate kiss on the cheek (for those of you who are against technology altogether and who rather like kissing).

Bon courage!

p.s. apologies for the shitty mega dark photos, the natural light coming through the window is a flippin joke thanks to a rather ominous fog surrounding ze mountain.


Merchant City Market


I'm having a little holiday in Glasgow at the start of December - mostly to get tipsy and OD on Gingerbread lattes - but also to take part in the Merchant City Market. I'll be hawking framed drawings, tea towels, totebags, pocket mirrors, christmas cards and plenty more crap there on Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th if you fancy coming down for a looky. I'll post up more info on all my new bits and bobs as they come in.

In other boring news, a few of you have been asking about when my shops going back online... I'm giving it a long over due re-jig at the mo but it should be back in business by the end of the week. Pinky promise.


carolyn alexander ne parle pas fran├žais on facebook


I've went a made an official facebook page for any big hearted tarts who want to 'like' me in public. If you don't wish to declare your like for me I shan't take it to heart, don't fret. If you do I'll give you a forehead kiss a block of cheese though, and who could ask for more.

Anyways its here if your into that kind of caper and I shall be celebrating with an extra special(ish) FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY (probably) Monday. Hurrah for narcissism!


and the weather today will be shite all over


Looks like my promise of more autumnal polaroids shant be happening any time soon thanks to winter unexpectedly descending upon us last night. Fucks sake France.


mer de nuages

mer de nuages

I seem to be screeching to a halt to jump out the car and take photos more and more often. As much as I bitch and moan about being stuck up mountains since we moved up top, sometimes they're just freaking nice to look at. After a day stuck down the valley shopping underneath a churny grey sky, I drove back up the mountain and through a massive cloud to find a blue sky and what the french call mer de nuages. (Thats a 'sea of cloud' as opposed to 'shit cloud', init)

Mountain top living: 1
Down the valley living: nil.
Bad luck, valley.



eye of the fish


I thought I'd already put these up, I'm obviously trippin' on all this cheese. A selection of summer through the eye of the fish.

a street in Italy

a hoose is Italy

a maw en ecosse

a sister on the stairs

a fucking happy birthday

a good lad shirley

a chat of sorts

a bend in the road

a lift of ski's

a walk out the back




Thanks to getting shipped off to scotland for driving lessons last year I completely missed Autumn in the alps from start to finish. And hence forgot how fucking achingly beautiful it is here. Neon trees dotted about with a red planet vibe starting to appear up the top. Just lovely. More to come as this is just the beginning (of autumn like, thats not meant to sound quite so onimous) and I have half a film of polaroids to use up.

Happy friday, yeah.

alpine autumn_II

alpine autumn


what i wore in glasgow

To try and make up for being such a no show recently I've put together a big bumper pack of What I Wore's from my ten days in Glasgow. I'm a big narcissistic fucker oh yes! I'll put the second half up some time next week when I've polished them off abit.

In other (slightly, but not much) more exciting news, I've been working away on my new greeting card range (including christmas cards jings crivens) so as soon as they're back from the printers I'll give you a swatch. Expect insults a plenty.

Anyways, in the meantime heres some pictures along with some words about my crap life since it's been a while.

WIWT 010910>

Started off well with a jolly sprint round the airport after the only tunnel out my Alp got blocked. Luckily Raph's sister knew of a secret route out and likes to put her foot down, meaning I got to the check in desk -after trying the wrong terminal first, naturally - panting and drenched in sweat with three minutes to spare.

The evening picked up nicely though. My plane landed with out crashing - always a plus - and my sister took me out to Nice N Sleazys for some Red Stripe and Black Russians. I came 2nd place in a "who can kick this wall the highest" contest outside with the bouncers and finished the night with a humous sandwich while Lauren vommed out the back close.


Wandered about town in the glorious sunshine in abit of a stupor. A happy stupor. Bought a lot of nice crap I don't really need and then met my wee pal Jem in the westend for a pint in a beer garden. We got talking to two crazies who stole our fancy GRASSROOTS olives to offer them up to the minor glasgow celebrities supping guinness' in corner. Then they dived head first into the gravel and got chucked out. They were quite nice chaps.


Went shopping with Lauren. The sales lady who just sold me an expensive bracelet the day before walked past as I was sitting on the ground outside Buchanan Galleries drinking a smoothie and gave me a look full of pity and disappointment. I'm assuming she would prefer I take the bracelet off before I associate it and her brand with such an unlady action as sitting on the ground in public. Lesson learned.

Ate some fajitas and went out with my cousin, my sister and her boyfriend and told all our worst poo stories. And laughed like twats. I don't think the bracelet lady would have been pleased.


Anna my old flat mate from art school came up from Shieffield with her good man Shirley for the weekend. Talked lots, ate lots and drank lots (well, some). Was well good.



One of rare times in art school you could just chill out and draw without worrying about the outcome was life drawing. I've taken to drawing naked chicks in french Vogue to try and take me back but its not really the same.

Life drawing, I miss you. You were fucking lovely!

ps. any arty alp dwellers wanting to start a class call me, yeah? No? Ok.


I'm a shit

bourg saint maurice

I've been a bit all over the place of late. Channel hopping between mountains and citys and beaches and lands of no internet but thats me back - although every second post on this blog seems to be announcing my backness. Back to the mountains and hopefully back to regular posting about my humiliating life. Good things are coming. I think.



a painting of me by coll hamilton www.seefarenough.com

My lovely wee pal, illustrator / artist extraordinaire Coll Hamilton has done gone painted me and its wonderful. Go check out his other work too it is also bloody amazing.


walk times in the mountains

walk times with m'buddy elliot

We were dog sitting my little buddy Elliott again the other week. He's funny as fuck when he's not rolling in merde or licking your face in the middle of the night just to see you lose your shit. He likes to prance about with his bum in the air and jump up and click his heels together with joy. And so do I. Thats why we're mates.

walk times with m'buddy elliot

walk times with m'buddy elliot

walk times with m'buddy elliot