I forgot to mention as soon as I set foot back in Glasgow that I've these two framed ink and pencil drawings looking for new homes. They are approx 32cm x 57cm and 45 cm x 60cm and each come in their own freaking beautiful bespoke frames (I think I might love these frames more than life it's self, sad but true). Anyways, they are £180 each (or best offer) so drop me an email if your interested in either and we'll talk shop. Or something.

Prints Charming

Prints Charming Flyer

I'll be having a few prints in the lover-ly Welcome Home Prints Charming show this month in Glasgow. It's got a load of beauties by a range of artists all coming in at under just twenty tiny pounds each. Christmas bargins a-go-go, init.

The opening is tomorrow at 6.30pm. Come on over and have a wine or two or three and we can go out on the lash afterwards just like jesus wanted.

ps. If I have to spend the rest of the day with Prince Charming in my head so do you.

Your welcome.