pas touche á mon lama


Sometimes the tele in France is just plain fricking weird. But it pleases me.


speak french / granny-cool

I've a couple more drawings in the running on Threadless, if you've the time please do go vote for them here or here. You'll get a hug and a forehead kiss in return, honestly.


shitting it

We've had our first proper snow this weekend. I kind of thought we'd been having proper snow every week since I moved up here but no, apparently that was nothing. The snow outside my back window would come up to my chest if I was silly enough to go out in it (which I am dying to) and its supposed to snow more tonight. If it gets taller than me I'm going in. Just to see.

Anyways, I decided to go to the shop today as the roads normally get cleared giving me a nice pleasant walk down the mountain. Instead it turned into the walk of death with me fucking shitting it the whole way down. As soon as I stepped out the front door I knew I was in trouble. The path that is usually cleared was three feet higher than usual and as soon as I stepped onto it I nearly disappeared through the ground. After righting myself I noticed I had gone blind - absolutely everything was white, a glaring but very flat white, as no sun means no shadows. Shoving on my sunglasses made this marginally better but my depth perception was still shot to shit as the uneven snow covered road looked to me to be completely flat.

This resulted in me staggering down in a drunken fashion, ducking to avoid shovels of snow flying through the air while my heart leapt into my mouth every time a car skidded by. Once I got to the shop though I was so proud of my self that the way back up seemed like a joke and the first leg just rather exciting. I survived! Rant over.



Raph has thanked me for nursing him back to health by infecting me with whatever nasty little flu beastie he had. Little shit.


last 8 bitches standing

LinkTheres only eight copies of Haughty Bitches left in my online shop so this is your last chance for a good firm bitch slap in the mouth (in metaphorical terms of course).

Plus to aid the January blues any Bitches bought before midnight on Saturday get a free postcard set thrown in for good measure.... happy days!


It snowed a wee drop last night. Quite a big wee drop so I was woken up by the sound of dynamite popping nearby to disperse avalanches. When your tucked up warm and half asleep in bed its quite exciting actually. It made me think of fireworks under water (if the world was backwards and that were possible).


still rude

It would appear that I am still a rude wee shite in the land of France. After the incident in the Tabac I've gotten into the habit of calling everyone vous, just to be extra polite since I'm always forgetting to kiss them. However, its now dawned on me that calling someone you know well vous might be just as rude as calling someone you don't tu. I can't be sure but I think its like walking up to your best mate and saying in all seriousness "who the fuck are you?". Or "Goodness, you are really OLD."

(The reason I can't be sure is that French people, unsurprisingly, talk to me in French. To which I smile or laugh or frown and hope its the right response.)

a murderer's house

A drawing of a murder's house in Edinburgh that I'm very fond of (the house not the murderer). I can't remember the name of the blinking murderer though which is slightly annoying. Its on the High Street I think if anyone knows (or cares).

UPDATE: I have it on good authority (my mum - bless) that the house belonged to John Knox, who was not in fact a murderer, just a famous minister not overly fond of catholics. I obviously heard wrong in the pub. Or more likely just didn't listen and just made it up. My bad.


silly english

A silly English customer at the restaurant thought I was French even though I'd been speaking to him in English for at least five minutes. When turning away from the bar he even did a cheesy lean back double point whilst purring "by the way... great accent".

I couldn't help but explode into a fit of the giggles and spluttered "maybe because I'm Scottish?"

He was mortified.


la bergerie

La Bergerie website is finally up and running, wipee. Its the first website I've built for anyone other than myself, so I had a few arguments with dreamweaver along the way - but don't worry I kicked its arse in the end. Take that dreamweaver you son of a bitch.


la bergerie

I'll be helping out in Raph's maw n paw's restaurant a couple of hours a day for the winter season. Mostly its to say thanks to said maw and paw for letting me live in their house all summer for free whilst eating all their cheese but I'm also hoping it will improve my crappy French some. So far I am fluent in 'leave me alone' type phrases like "go pay over there", " ask that other lady", "just wait there a minute I know nothing" and "er, what?".

We'll see where I'm at in four months, hopefully I shan't be a deaf mute much longer.



I've finally got some film back in my polaroid camera and so took a few snaps on my way back from helping out at the restaurant. Walking up the mountain in the morning is a fricking nightmare but coming back down is ace. Trudging through the snow and sliding down the slippy bits brings out the wee girl in me. Ace ace ace.