and the winner is....

and the winner is

Well-ity well-ity, that was quite exciting! For me at least. I think I monentarily forgot that this is a GIVEAWAY I really haven't a hope in hell of winning.

But anyways, without further ado, the winner picked by random.org is...


Congrats Allison, email me you address at... hello [at] carolynalexander [dot] co.uk and I'll get it posted out pronto.

Merci beau cul.



A few new bits and pieces up on my website including more 'What I Wore's and this piece for the wonderful Advice To Sink in Slowly project, as seen on ze guardian and creative review. It's an ongoing series of posters designed by graduates for the purpose of passing on advice and inspiration to first year students. Lucky bastards.




I've just almost simultaneously noticed there are over 50 of you darling folks following my crappy blog AND found the last ever copy of the now sold out Haughty Bitches under my sister's bed. Cause for a GIVEAWAY* I do believe. My first in fact, so I'll throw in a Family Portrait print and a couple of badges for good measure.

So yep, throw down a comment or two and I'll randomly select winner at 5pm on Friday 20th. Or if only one of you comments you can just have it. Or if none of you comment I'll give it to my mum. She's a fan of expletives.

*Its physically impossible to type the word GIVEAWAY in lowercase, honestly.

drive by


A word of warning... Learner drivers are not sleepy slow safe little numbers you can waltz on past without care in the world as I once thought. They are actually unpredictable jumpy little fuckers and if you run out infront of them you will likey die. Therefore, STOP RUNNING OUT IN FRONT OF ME WORLD, or I WILL kill you.

merry fucking christmas to one and to all

christmas cards

Got me some new christmas cards in m'shop that you can purchase ici should you be that way inclined. Each one is hand painted with love (and sweat and tears and copious amounts of tea and Gilmore Girls) on spangly gold card with a spangly gold envelope included. Good times.


what I wore a long time a go


I few 'what I wore's I did ages ago and have only just got round to scanning in. I made them when I had just arrived back in Glasgow - and been almost immediately ambushed by driving lessons and merry reunions - hence the fear in my eyes and general air of hungover-ness.