two fingers in the nose

I've been a bit absent of late thanks to lack of scanner* so just thought I'd pop on to let everyone know I'm alive and driving is two fingers in the nose ie. a piece of piss. Kind of. Apart from when its hard. And apart from when I'm endlessly stalling. Er, yeah.

*Even though there is a public library avec scanner just about next door. I'm lazy but I intend to SORT THAT SHIT OUT. Don't worry.


nath said...

hahahahahahahahah! oh i knew there was something missing from my days, i was feeling vaguely out of sorts and now i know why!

love the drawing. and is driving really a piece of piss? hot dang, that means i should probably learn.

Colouring Outside The Lines said...

ha! love this! x

carolyn alexander said...

Thank you!

Yeah, its easy peasy really... which makes it all the more embarrassing that I'm rubbish at it.