Clinkity clink


During my trip to Toulouse last week I learnt many things. I learnt that Champagne plus Rose plus Red plus Pint equals some very energetic and unbelievably sophisticated dancing. I also learnt that Toulousain sausage is probably THE BEST sausage, ever. I think I learned to drive - by pretending in my head that it was actually me and not Raph who was driving the 12 hour round trip (whilst making car noises). I did that pretty much the whole time apart from when i was sleeping. Pretending to drive in your head is exhausting. Anyways, we'll see how well that one pans out in my first driving lesson on Thursday. Be afraid people of Glasgow, be very afraid.

Probably the most important thing I learned though was something I already knew, and just needed reminding of. That is if you are going to clink glasses with a french man you must stare unblinkingly into their eyes whilst clinking or risk 7 years no sex. Some take this VERY SERIOUSLY. So don't fuck it up.


Phirefly said...

I will remember that sage advice

carolyn alexander said...

Haha, it might just save your life one day.