say what?

You can learn all the verbs you like in France but your still not going to understand what the fuck the French are talking about. They like to use bizarre little phrases that literally make NO SENSE unless you are french and in the know. I shall help you out with two, after that you're on your own. Well, until I tell you more which I undoubtedly will. In about three days time.

Anyway. First off.

Tombe dans les pommes.
tombe dans les pommes

Fall in the apples. Which you use if your going to faint. As in, "ho bitch, stop talking and get me a chair, I'm going to fall in the apples" or "yeah and then I vomited and fell in the apples". Seriously, I don't even know any other way to say "faint". Once I had to say this to a sales assistant who was talking me to death trying to sell me £60 fake tan. And then I had to buy the fucking fake tan afterwards to try and make her forget the fact I'd just fainted in her shop and talked weird shit about apples.

Second up.

Tu me prends la tete.
tu me prends la tete

Your taking my head. Kind of like "your being really fucking annoying" which is a little more logical. I haven't used this one yet but I hear it all the time. Usually directed at me when I'm asking questions about French. My boyfriend is so nice. Arse.

ps. I do realise we kind of do this in English too. But I don't need to learn English, so I'm ignoring it. Tu me prends la tete.


gromain said...

bon comme du bon pain !

nath said...

oh dear. hahahahahahahahha! tres impossible!

i absolutely love the first illustration. it is beautiful! and maddening of course.