A is for AIMER


This week I've been giving the ol' ER verbs a once over again - thats verbs of the First Conjugation to those of you who give a crap. I quite like ER verbs but they evidently do not like me. I tend to think of them as a piece of piss - the one thing (apart from kissing grannys) that I've got down. This is until I'm rudely reminded that they're not as easy if you want to talk about anything that isn't happening right now this very minute - which is surprisingly often. That said, they're much friendlier than RE verbs. THEY are little shitting bandits.

Aimer is a good place to start with the ERs. It's much easier to say you like something and then be left alone to drink your cocktail in piece than say you don't like something. Then you have to explain why not. And that means a conversation more than two sentences long. Big NO-NO. Thats why I like everything in France. Apart from mushrooms.

Anyways, have you met my good friend AIMER? No?

Then let me introduce you...


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