I.R. shmI.R.

michel thomas

It came to my attention when making this weeks "learning" that I've never really bothered about IR verbs at all before. I know OF them. And I do try to use them occasionally - although evidently not well. But until now I hadn't a clue how they worked. I think I've just been pretending they were ER verbs all this time - AMATEUR'S MISTAKE.

To abate the feelings of shame and self loathing this discovery awoke in me (for a good 7 minutes) I decided to listen to a Michel Thomas tape (thats 'mee-shell') - the "most sought after language teacher in the world" for a whole morning. I can't be sure how much I learnt from him but I can be sure that he is a properly amazing catty little bitch. When his students on the tape - who are quite frankly, crap - make mistakes he tuts and shouts and is obviously finding it hard to not draw his hand across their ungrateful faces. This is why I love him. I want to find his idiot students and slap them too. Vive la Thomas!

Anyways, a few IRs to ease my conscience...





hellojenuine said...

how have i missed all these posts by you lately? i love your blog.

carolyn alexander said...

thanks misses! Your too nice!

Kathleen said...

These verb constructions are absolutely fabulous!!!