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My work for SUPERSWEET's shop has just went live in all its ravey glory. See more of m'drawings ici or go a shopin' là-bas. Hurray for shoes!

A Book of Haughty bitches has been sold out for a good while now but its only just occured to me to put the book in its entirety up on my website. It's up now though for anyone who never got to see the book in the flesh.


NEWS bulletin?


A quick update in non-french learning related news since I've been neglecting you...

* I was so amazing in the vegetable queue last week I even out maneuvered three French tourists and an old lady. Whats that smell you say? Its the smell of VICTORY. Suck on that, France.

* my back side is now three and half times darker than my front side thanks to continuous falling asleep whilst sunbathing.

* I have consumed 3,632 Magnum ice creams since the start of June.

OK. I was sure there was more happening in my life. Apparently not.

I.R. shmI.R.

michel thomas

It came to my attention when making this weeks "learning" that I've never really bothered about IR verbs at all before. I know OF them. And I do try to use them occasionally - although evidently not well. But until now I hadn't a clue how they worked. I think I've just been pretending they were ER verbs all this time - AMATEUR'S MISTAKE.

To abate the feelings of shame and self loathing this discovery awoke in me (for a good 7 minutes) I decided to listen to a Michel Thomas tape (thats 'mee-shell') - the "most sought after language teacher in the world" for a whole morning. I can't be sure how much I learnt from him but I can be sure that he is a properly amazing catty little bitch. When his students on the tape - who are quite frankly, crap - make mistakes he tuts and shouts and is obviously finding it hard to not draw his hand across their ungrateful faces. This is why I love him. I want to find his idiot students and slap them too. Vive la Thomas!

Anyways, a few IRs to ease my conscience...





say what?

You can learn all the verbs you like in France but your still not going to understand what the fuck the French are talking about. They like to use bizarre little phrases that literally make NO SENSE unless you are french and in the know. I shall help you out with two, after that you're on your own. Well, until I tell you more which I undoubtedly will. In about three days time.

Anyway. First off.

Tombe dans les pommes.
tombe dans les pommes

Fall in the apples. Which you use if your going to faint. As in, "ho bitch, stop talking and get me a chair, I'm going to fall in the apples" or "yeah and then I vomited and fell in the apples". Seriously, I don't even know any other way to say "faint". Once I had to say this to a sales assistant who was talking me to death trying to sell me £60 fake tan. And then I had to buy the fucking fake tan afterwards to try and make her forget the fact I'd just fainted in her shop and talked weird shit about apples.

Second up.

Tu me prends la tete.
tu me prends la tete

Your taking my head. Kind of like "your being really fucking annoying" which is a little more logical. I haven't used this one yet but I hear it all the time. Usually directed at me when I'm asking questions about French. My boyfriend is so nice. Arse.

ps. I do realise we kind of do this in English too. But I don't need to learn English, so I'm ignoring it. Tu me prends la tete.


pillows and aprons and bags, oh my


Envelop are printing some of my drawings on their excellent wares, take a looky over here and feast your hungry eyes. More bits and bobs shall be added in the coming weeks so if you've any favourites let me know and I'll see what I can rustle up.


whoop that trick

I'm not home this weekend so I can't upload my weekly learnings until monday. To tide you over till then, (seeing as you've already learnt French with Brett and Jermaine) you can learn to throw down with Whoopi, courtesy of the amazing Rebecca Davies. See more of her awesome stuff at eyeballbuffet and weep with joy.

Heather, Im Dry ---- Dolby Anol remix from rebecca davies on Vimeo.


A is for AIMER


This week I've been giving the ol' ER verbs a once over again - thats verbs of the First Conjugation to those of you who give a crap. I quite like ER verbs but they evidently do not like me. I tend to think of them as a piece of piss - the one thing (apart from kissing grannys) that I've got down. This is until I'm rudely reminded that they're not as easy if you want to talk about anything that isn't happening right now this very minute - which is surprisingly often. That said, they're much friendlier than RE verbs. THEY are little shitting bandits.

Aimer is a good place to start with the ERs. It's much easier to say you like something and then be left alone to drink your cocktail in piece than say you don't like something. Then you have to explain why not. And that means a conversation more than two sentences long. Big NO-NO. Thats why I like everything in France. Apart from mushrooms.

Anyways, have you met my good friend AIMER? No?

Then let me introduce you...