And another thing..

french harry

..the covers for French Harry are a good 25 hundred times better than the British ones, which to be honest, I find pretty woeful. Pull your socks up Britain.

I swear thats my last post of a Harry Potter nature for a good while. Though lucky for me - and maybe for you - my latest obsessing has put me onto the illustrator Jean-Claude Götting, with whom I'm now rather smitten. Makes me want to break out the paint.


Yum. See more of his work over here.


nath said...

yes, they are sufficiently retro, unlike the horrible covers we endure. i went into Waterstones today and was really appalled generally at the ugly generic covers on everything it seems. why?

hellojenuine said...

nice illustrations, i don't dig the typeface though! you win some, you lose some. have you tried reading the french ones?

carolyn alexander said...

I know Nath - thats why I moved to france in disgust (I jest).

And yep I agree - the text is a bit ropey, shame! I've dipped in and out of them (with a dictionary in hand) but the tenses used are abit hard for me just now - all the conditional and subjunctives kill me. When I finish one I'm going to throw a party to celebrate my intelligence.