3 reasons why Megan Fox is good


1. She looks a bit like my cousin.
And I like my cousin.

2. She's got good eyebrows.
And eyebrows are hard, just ask this number.

3. She just taught me 15 new french words.
Not personally - but that's not to say she couldn't (ok she probably couldn't). I actually learned 15 new French words from a two page article on Megan Fox in Public - a sort of French version of Heat Magazine, and my new best friend. Finally I can embrace my shameful lust for celebrity gossip because its teaching me things! Thank you Public! (And Megan Fox)

ps. Yes I do realise I just wasted some of my precious life force drawing a drawing of Megan Fox that doesn't even really look like Megan Fox, but after learning 15 new French words my brain is pretty much on shut down for the rest of the day.

pps. In case you were wondering:
caractère bien trempé
limite vulgaire
Shia LaBeouf

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Clark said...

I think Megan Fox is perfect, she is a goddess, I like her pretty face and her eyebrows are fine, I think I could use generic viagra before hearing her speaking French because that would be so exciting.