I made this as a bit of fun really seeing as it's already the last day for dazed/reiss's 1971 competition and I've kind of missed the boat. I wanted to celebrate the ACE HAIR. Because lets face it, it was ace.

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poor effort


Unsurprisingly, one week in and I'm already slacking off. I've ran out of time this week to make a proper contribution to my new resolution, so I've cheated a bit and scanned in a page from my jotter of stupid rules I'm making to help me memorise all of France's fuckery. To be fair, I was awfully busy eating ice cream and watching FRIENDS dubbed in French AND its my birthday tomorrow. So I'm going to kick off celebrations early and fuck off sunbathing. Next week will be better. I PROMISE.

Also, apologies in advance for dropping the C bomb in there (I've triangled it out to lessen offence) I didn't intend for it to see the light of day when I was making it, it was just amuse my ridiculously easily amused self. You can blame my unbeatable laziness for that. I might as well apologise for the crap Rihanna joke while I'm at it. Enjoy.

Let me introduce you to the horrible world of PRONOUNS...

An admittedly poor effort this week.

ps. To make up for my piss-poor effort let me put you in the direction of these two hot tricks, who will teach you at least half a dozen french words. Guaranteed.


And another thing..

french harry

..the covers for French Harry are a good 25 hundred times better than the British ones, which to be honest, I find pretty woeful. Pull your socks up Britain.

I swear thats my last post of a Harry Potter nature for a good while. Though lucky for me - and maybe for you - my latest obsessing has put me onto the illustrator Jean-Claude Götting, with whom I'm now rather smitten. Makes me want to break out the paint.


Yum. See more of his work over here.


I learn French, you learn French


This past week I've been frantically trying to actually learn French. In part because its about fricking time, but mostly because I'm getting taken to see Harry Potter in French tonight I want to be able to understand the words not just see the pictures. I'm a bit of a Harry Potter sad case thanks to a bout of toncilitus many moons ago so this is a big deal for me, you could even go so far as to say it is vitally important for my continued well being. Perhaps a tad over dramatic (and a lie) but its what got my boyfriend to agree to take me. And since he's going to the trouble to drive me to another town to see it we shall all ignore my equally fanatical sister's email declaring the new one to be "fucking shite".

Aside from this vitally important reason, I've also noticed people are starting to get a bit impatient with my inabiltiy to "get it" - as my kind sympathetic friend pointed out this week - I've had 5 years rather than 3 days to try. At least once a day I find myself scrabbling for excuse to why my french is crap that doesn't include me being stupid and lazy. Everyone that passes my vicinty has a story about someone they know who is can speak fluently "With. Out. An. Accent" (French people like to talk staccato to make life more dramatic.) within a year of living in France. To which I must try to reply, red faced and in my thick Scottish accent while fighting the urge to seek out said amazing person and smack them in the face with a baguette for showing me up. It would appear that I'm not - as I previously believed - going to just pick it up. I won't wake up fluent one day or have a miraculous moment where everything just clicks into place. The books must come out and some effort must be made.

So this week the books did come out and I quickly remembered why they had stayed in for so long. Its because its really fucking boring. My most often used excuse not to study is that I'd rather be drawing instead, so I've begun turning my excercise book into a sketch book, and turning my learning into drawings. I've also been writing bitchy remarks about how shite French is in my notes which cheers me up greatly but that's by the by.

I think I'll share my progress with the world (all 3 of you) once a week to motivate me, seeing as I don't take well to public humiliation and that worked so well with the quitting of smoking.

First up..

Three Irregular Verbs That Do My Fucking Head In.




By the way, should you actually learn anything from this (not likely) you can show your appreciation by sending Greggs Stake Bakes to me at Carolyn Alexander, The Mountain What Where I Live, 73210, Franceland.

Similarly, if you should find your knowledge of French actually decrease (more likely) because of this, feel free to send hate mail to imsosorry@carolynalexander.co.uk



Attempt number 23, 701 at some Threadless action. If you care to do me a solid and make a wee votey here I'll be eternally grateful for at least 10 minutes. Forehead kisses, shoulder squeezes and free holidays to France all round! Hurrah!

clickity click


60+ Years


My board for Zara Arshad's ace 60+ Years project - which aims to creatively commemorate the 60th anniversary of UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights): the first global expression of rights to which all human beings are inherently entitled. See more fabbity contributers on her flickr over here.




This old news for all you hip dwellers of Britain but for a dweller of mountains this is happiness factor level 10. I found all the pieces of the fabbity new coins (designed by mr Dent) on my last visit to Scotland. They are so pretty and clever it makes the loser inside me weep.

You lucky bastard Britons don't know how good you've got it. Euro's are pish.


palette cleanser

palette cleanser

Here you go, wash you mouth out with these bad boys to rid yourself of that nasty celebrity taste in your mouth left over form yesterday.

Feel better? Good.


3 reasons why Megan Fox is good


1. She looks a bit like my cousin.
And I like my cousin.

2. She's got good eyebrows.
And eyebrows are hard, just ask this number.

3. She just taught me 15 new french words.
Not personally - but that's not to say she couldn't (ok she probably couldn't). I actually learned 15 new French words from a two page article on Megan Fox in Public - a sort of French version of Heat Magazine, and my new best friend. Finally I can embrace my shameful lust for celebrity gossip because its teaching me things! Thank you Public! (And Megan Fox)

ps. Yes I do realise I just wasted some of my precious life force drawing a drawing of Megan Fox that doesn't even really look like Megan Fox, but after learning 15 new French words my brain is pretty much on shut down for the rest of the day.

pps. In case you were wondering:
caractère bien trempé
limite vulgaire
Shia LaBeouf