still rude

It would appear that I am still a rude wee shite in the land of France. After the incident in the Tabac I've gotten into the habit of calling everyone vous, just to be extra polite since I'm always forgetting to kiss them. However, its now dawned on me that calling someone you know well vous might be just as rude as calling someone you don't tu. I can't be sure but I think its like walking up to your best mate and saying in all seriousness "who the fuck are you?". Or "Goodness, you are really OLD."

(The reason I can't be sure is that French people, unsurprisingly, talk to me in French. To which I smile or laugh or frown and hope its the right response.)


hellojenuine said...

i'm learning french at the moment. i wish there was either formal, or informal, so that learning the language would be just that bit easier. & i also wish that everything was neutral, rather than masculine or feminine. surely what i say still makes sense even if i give it wrong gender?

or maybe i should just stop whinging.

carolyn alexander said...

I agree whole heartedly - learning French is a nightmare. I've been here eight months and I'm still crap!

Amy Brown said...

He he this is good.