shitting it

We've had our first proper snow this weekend. I kind of thought we'd been having proper snow every week since I moved up here but no, apparently that was nothing. The snow outside my back window would come up to my chest if I was silly enough to go out in it (which I am dying to) and its supposed to snow more tonight. If it gets taller than me I'm going in. Just to see.

Anyways, I decided to go to the shop today as the roads normally get cleared giving me a nice pleasant walk down the mountain. Instead it turned into the walk of death with me fucking shitting it the whole way down. As soon as I stepped out the front door I knew I was in trouble. The path that is usually cleared was three feet higher than usual and as soon as I stepped onto it I nearly disappeared through the ground. After righting myself I noticed I had gone blind - absolutely everything was white, a glaring but very flat white, as no sun means no shadows. Shoving on my sunglasses made this marginally better but my depth perception was still shot to shit as the uneven snow covered road looked to me to be completely flat.

This resulted in me staggering down in a drunken fashion, ducking to avoid shovels of snow flying through the air while my heart leapt into my mouth every time a car skidded by. Once I got to the shop though I was so proud of my self that the way back up seemed like a joke and the first leg just rather exciting. I survived! Rant over.


hellojenuine said...

if it snows more, make a tunnel to the shop.

carolyn alexander said...

ha I like that idea!