Thats me back in the land of France after a var lovely (if a bit knackering) visit home, so posts should be a bit more frequent again. Just about settled in the new flat too with the weefee (thats french wifi) up and running and a fridge full of cheese and chocolate yogurts. Good times.

ps. merry happy seasons greetings / new year fun times to all.


follow me

I've been using that blogger following thing for a while now to keep all the blogs I spend half my life procrastinating on nice and organized and in one place. It never really occurred to me to put the option to follow me on m'blog before as I'm never that convinced anyone wants to read my illustrated claptrap. But anyways, yeah, its there now on the right if you want proclaim your public love for my drivel and have your little face in a box... good times.


new postcards

Got some new postcards sets just in from the printers - have a wee looky on m'flickr or pick some up in m'wee shop...



If your lucky enough to be in Philadelphia tonight go check out the opening of grand small works at FUEL. Its got 1,000 works from 300 artists including a bundle of my giving up smoking drawings.

ps. free booze!



I'm back home in Glasgow for the next couple of weeks to partake in some festive cheer. I'll be festive cheering with little to no scanner access though so posts of a drawing nature maybe rather thin on the ground.

I've brought all my wares with me so my shop is still a-go-go with some new goodies going up this week.