I've a few drawings and a small interview in the YES issue of New Sugar. Go see it here.


wee chaps

I realised today whilst working on a wee animation for a website I'm building that I have as much talent drawing people skiing as I do actually skiing... ie. none.

Ski clothes are odd things to draw.


merry fucking christmas

Since I've a day off from playing painter & decorator today I've decided to play badge maker instead..

Why send a card when you can wear a badge! I'm sure there was logic in there ealier. Anyways there are only five of the silver Christmas badges in existance so hop over to my etsy shop now if you want one...

Also got some slightly offensive badge sets back on the go. They will be available in the Lighthouse Shop next month but you can snap some up early here should you wish to.


busy busy

Many hands make light work so they say... but it still takes fucking ages.



There have been about eleventy three thousand cows out side the house for the last couple of days. I know because I can hear them. Clang clang clang. It sounds a bit like one of those Jamaican steel drum bands only with out any rhythm. I found it quite soothing and lovely at first but after two days I'm beginning to wonder if its not just really fricking annoying.

Little Paper Planes

Little Paper Planes in San Francisco is now stocking Haughty Bitches too - good news if you live in America and can't afford the exorbitant shipping charges France forces upon me.

I jest - they're not that bad. Ish.


good vs evil zine

The new issue of Good vs Evil (man v animal) is out with a few drawings from me and a few drawings from lovelies like Gemma Correll and Zeroten. How lovely.


I win

Today I managed to survive not one but two perilous events in France. First a trip to the doctors on my own, achieved with one part 'special person' French, two parts sign language. More importantly though, I finally won at the vegetable queue in the supermarket. Before now I've always lost at this task and it is much more stressful than it sounds.

In British queues you patiently wait your turn - not so in France (with vegetables anyway). When waiting for your vegetables to be weighed as soon as the person in front of you is finished (and if your talented, before) you shout bonjour and throw carrots on the scales. If you don't, the person behind you will and everyone will know you are not French and therefore inferior.

Har har France I win. Soon I'll be more French than you.


la plagne

I drew these hotel/flat things a while ago when I was up in the ski resort "helping" Raph's family do up their restaurant. The locals are right into traditional everything round here and hate these buildings with a passion as they are so 80's and out of place. I think thats why I like them.



NYLON blogged about me today (or yesterday depending on where you are in the world) wipee.