French cuisine is all well and good but wheres your greasy hangover food when you need it? I long for steakbake.


Lesson learned

The lady in the Tabac should be referred to with vous. Using tu will make you a rude little shite and she will not like you.

feux d'artifice

I went to see a ridiculously big fire work display over a mountain lake at the weekend which made my eyes dance and my ear bleed (slightly), it was wonderful. And contrary to my fears at the time, its three days on and I still have not gone blind, happy days.


animal instincts

The lovely Mr Cantrell asked me to do some drawings for his new zine Man vs Animal, this drawing shant be in it but I'll post the ones that shall when its good and published.



new pal

A wee bird thwacked off the side of the house and just about fell on my lap the other day. At first I thought some effer was throwing rocks at me but once I recovered from the shock I managed to draw it, twice. It sat a bit dazed, looking at me disdainfully whilst I drew then flew off like nothing happened. Seemed like a nice chap.