Little Paper Planes

Little Paper Planes in San Francisco is now stocking Haughty Bitches too - good news if you live in America and can't afford the exorbitant shipping charges France forces upon me.

I jest - they're not that bad. Ish.


Esti said...

I've browsed through your blog and liked it a lot. I decided to buy your zine but when I was submitting my order the site vanished. Two seconds later I see that it's sold out. I wonder if my order went through or it was too late... :)

Prica said...

i just bought it through paypal!
can't wait for it's arrival at my crib!
let you know what I think once I receive it!
I believe it's good stuff just by the cover....peace

carolyn alexander said...

many thanks :)

Prica said...

i received it and I love it! check out my post about it: