les vaches

I had a bit of a shock at the weekend when I looked out my window to see four stray wee cows in the back garden. I'm no expert but I think they were quite young - not calves but not quite yer full cow either.

I was doing the last minute and a half of my cross-trainer-workout-thing and decided to 'go for the burn' and finish before I leapt out on the balcony to take a picture of the scene. My reasoning was surely cows can't go far in a minute and half.

Wrong. The sprightly little buggers managed to stroll round the apple tree and down the stairs to the front garden, out the driveway and across the road in 1.34 minutes. All I got was a photo of them bumbling about the driveway before crossing the road. And I missed seeing them go down the stairs which I imagine would be quite comical. I am furious.

Lessons learned:

1. Exercise = missed opportunities and a waste of my precious time.
2. Cows are rather fast.

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