quitting, again

Now that I am literally too poor to continue smoking, the time has come to quit, again. Usually when I quit I am full of determination but this time its just resignation. Maybe this is better, I don't know yet.

My tobacco running out coincided with my after dinner cigarette which was quite nice. It meant I could smoke my 'last cigarette' whilst looking up at the stars, and I even added a nice song on the old ipod for good measure. I shant tell you what, just to keep the moment sacred and that.

The stars here are frigging amazing. They're probably just the same as anywhere else out in the countryside, but I didn't get out of Glasgow much before I moved here, so I still get a bit shocked and awed on a clear night. Raph often catches me sitting in the dark on the balcony smiling at the sky like an imbecile. He thinks I'm a wank.

Anyway, all this meant it was one of my most enjoyable 'last cigarettes' yet, a little like saying farewell to an old friend. An old friend who talks shite, smells and makes annoying little holes in your clothes when your not looking; but one I'll miss all the same.

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