Just back from a wee holiday in Glasgow and I'm done in. Ran my self ragged trying to meet up with everybody and even managed a few jaunts to Edinburgh and Ayr to play tourist. It was exhausting but lovely, even if the weather was shite.

After bitching and moaning about Scottish weather and strangers asking for cigarettes for two straight weeks, I was alarmed to find my self getting a bit teary on the drive back to France from Geneva. To make it all the more mortifying it was Raph's mum and sister who had picked me up. I flung on my sunglasses in hope of disguising my episode so Agnes and Melanie didn't think I was distraught to be back in their company but this just made matters worse. For one, it was overcast with no sun making my eye wear a little conspicuous. I then discovered trying to wipe my eyes discreetly underneath massive shades was impossible and just made them steam up leaving me a blinded, sticky red disaster. Thankfully nobody mentioned it so either they didn't notice or were just as mortified as I was.

Today though the sun is out, the birds are singing, and after much cheese and chocolate yogurts I am more than happy to embrace French life again. I'm a fickle little bitch.

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