Another of the haughty bitches I've been working on.



mountain costume party

I saw a sign by the road that read "fete de costumes de montagnes". Sounds amazing.



We picked up my first hitch-hiker on our way to Chambery, which I thought was illegal but Raph says its not in France. They're all at as taxi's don't exist in the mountains.

I think he fancied himself a right jolly old chap but he smelt quite strongly of wee and talked in a language I like to call gibberish. We deposited him at his chosen destination about three and a half minutes after we acquired him. I think he was just a bit lazy.


no sleep

If I find the little grasshopper fucker in my room that would not shut up for even ONE minute last night I am going to smash it.



I love watching the paragliders float through the sky. There is a landing field just five minutes away from our garden so I usually get to see at least three or four a day. They are so graceful.

Though tonight there was a man that went into a crazy spin that made him jerk wildly from side to side like he was about to go upside down. I started to get a little fearful for him but as he got closer I could hear him whooping with obvious glee before he slowed down and went to land. It made my heart go like the clappers.



I have a grippe. This is a French cold and makes me just as much a miserable bastard as a Scottish cold. Most of the weekend was spent moping about, lamenting my afflictions, and discovering my derrieres inability to squeeze into French bikini bottoms.

Before I could crumble any further into the foulest of moods, Raph saved the day and brought home not only copious amounts of pharmaceutical goodies, but a pair of new shoes which banished my health woes as I pranced about admiring them.

Lessons learned:
1. New shoes can solve any problem.
2. I am a walking cliche.

prance prance



I've got two big stings on the insides of my knees and they are the most stingy/itchy/achy stings I've ever had. The mountain dwellers have no sympathy as their skin is obviously thicker and they feel no pain. I'd quite like to meet the thing that did it so I can bite it back, and perhaps it might learn that stinging/biting is not nice, but I suspect that this will never happen

sting close up

new badges

Some new badges soon to be available at Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh and the Lighthouse Shop in Glasgow, yippee.